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My culture is very important to my identity and what identity my artwork takes on. As a Korean American living and creating work in the US, I feel that I can share and inform others of how beautiful Korean culture can be.


The work that I make starts out with a historical object, event, or symbol from the Korean culture and is then modified to be a more contemporary interpretation. The object created is something that most people have seen or have had in their possession, but with an addition of a hidden layer it becomes personal. Often my work is more than just what you initially see. You must look beyond the surface to see the true meaning behind the piece.


Every decision is made for a specific reason and purpose. By carefully choosing shapes and colors that match the culture, I feel that I am bringing a piece of my culture into a tangible piece. These pieces are then made into jewelry to be embraced by the body or made into sculptures.


I want people to look at my work and wonder. As personal as it is to me, I want the viewers to embrace the piece and make it personal to them.

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